Cloth Nappy Guide

Types of Nappies 


  • All in One - The closest to a disposable - Often they need boosting as babies get older/bigger.


  • All in Twos - Comprising of a wrap and popper in insert, you can just change the insert if babies only wet and reuse the outer wrap a couple of times.


  • Fitted/Two Parters - Usually the most absorbent so ideal for over night - needs a wrap on top.


  • Wraps/Covers - The waterproof outer.


  • Pockets - These are usually fleece lined with a hole at the back to stuff your inserts/boosters into. You can then use a liner on top of the fleece if you wish.




  • Microfibre  – Quick to absorb but can leak if compressed eg in a baby carrier or car seat or by a tight vest etc DO NOT let microfibre come in contact with baby's skin.
  • Cotton – Quick to absorb and holds better than microfibre.
  • Bamboo – Slower to absorb, holds better than microfibre.
  • Hemp - Can be slow to absorb, but is very retentive - hemps usually mixed with cotton.


Nappy wraps/shells/outers are usually made from:

  • PUL: Polyurethane laminated fabric -this is the most common material: very waterproof, but if soaked, may wick through stitching.
  • TPU: Thermoplastic polyurethane, similar to PUL but more breathable.
  • Fleece: This repels moisture and keeps babies skin dry but allows evaporation.


Most reusable nappies are fastened  by poppers/snaps or hook and loop (Velcro).


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